You helped Volunteer Organization "Shevchuk team", Mariupol city

This team of volunteers are residents of Mariupol city who managed to be evacuated from the city. However, lots of their relatives, neighbours, friends, coworkers and many other citizens remain in the city. Many people cannot leave the city because of the filtration by Russian army.

Volunteers did find their ways to temporarily enter the city and deliver humanitarian aid to people they know and people they can reach. Every trip to the city is a challenging mystery, circumstances may change any time, since the city currently is under Russian control. But they have done 7 trips so far and getting ready for the 8th! They have already helped over 500 people in Mariupol. They will make trips to the city with the humanitarian aid until the circumstances allow to do so.

You can follow their activity in social media and donate directly:

Mariupol is the city that had been under shelling since the day one of this war. 90% of residential building had been damaged or destroyed. As of today the shelling have faded. The humanitarian situation in Mariupol is devastating, residents remain struggling daily with limited access to basic utilities, clean drinking water, food and medical care. Many people either don't have places to live or live in damaged apartments, usually with no windows, electricity, gas and running water. Many people are heavily dependant on humanitarian aid and do not have means to sustain a livelihood. Many people in the city because of the ecological disaster are getting sick, many are injured. All the hospitals in the city had been damaged or destroyed.

Thank you kindly for your help and support.

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