You helped Volunteer Organization "Help Mariupol"

This volunteer initiative started with Mihail Puryshev - a former resident of Mariupol and an owner of multiple local businesses.

On March 8, he became the first volunteer to go into the Mariupol city to deliver aid and evacuate civilians. Now his team is growing ever since.

- Mihail has personally evacuated over 300 people while city was under shellings

(interwievs and videos can be found on IG page, see link below)

- column of mini buses in several trips evacuated thousands of people from Mariupol under his organization

- during each trip they delivered medication, gasoline, food, drinkable water

- delievered hundreds of humanitarian aid packages to refugees from Mariupol and other hot zones

- delivered humanitarian aid to libarated villages and towns that were under military occupation and now are lacking vital supplies and places that host refugees whos home was destroyed and dont have any means for a living

- provided rented accomodation to 200+ refugees that were forced to live their homes (videos of families are posted on IG page, see link below)

- provided financial help to rebuild destroyed and damaged houses

- helped one mother to reunite with her son who was kidnapped while shellings in Mariupol

- helped with evacuation abroad to those who needed medical assistance because of amputation due to shellings

You can follow their activity in social media and donate directly:

We kindly thank you for all your help and support.

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