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You helped the local Volunteers Initiative KH.LIB in Kharkiv city

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

They became a volunteer organization in the very first day of war. They buy and deliver humanitarian help from hand to hand in Kharkiv city.

Only recently they have found ways to deliver humanitarian help to smaller villages, that had been under Russian army occupation since the first days of war in this region. Last two weeks there was no electricity, nor communication with the villagers.

Volunteers are ordinary people, who decided to take care of those who cannot help themselves in current war situation. KH.LIB team has 48 coordinators and 47 delivery volunteers.

They collect requests, receive and distribute food, drinking water, medicine and hygiene products.

$23 CA - is a weekly supply of food per person in Kharkiv city.

In one month of war they've already helped over 6,200 people.

You can follow their activity on social media:

Thank you for caring and for your kindness.

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