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You helped NGO "Safe a life" to save many pets as well as to help elder people in Kharkiv city

This organization is found in Khmelnyck city (in the west of Ukraine) in 2010 and their main mission is the protection of animals, especially homeless.

During the war the situation with homeless animals as well as pets is very critical. Many people left their pets behind and many of them are starving. Luckily among the people who stayed in the cities there are people who keep feeding and helping the animals to survive. Those who stayed in red zones with their pets are in urgent need of help as well.

Organization "Safe a life" is currently helping to homeless animals and people with pets in Kharkiv city, as well as delivering medicine and humanitarian aid for elder people.

You can follow organization's activity on social media:

If you prefer to donate them directly, we are open to provide all the details.

Thank you for your help.

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