You helped "Masha Foundation" to support many people in different regions of the country

Updated: Apr 5

Currently, they are actively helping women, children and the elderly to solve urgent problems - with food, medicine, hygiene products, clothing and more.

They organize the evacuation of women with children to safer places.

The Masha Foundation together with the Equilibrium Center for Neuropsychology is providing children with free online consultations from specialists.

They have already purchased and delivered humanitarian aid to Chernihiv region (Nizhyn orphanage and emergency department). To refugee communities in Vertiyiv (Chernihiv region), Nizhyn, where displaced women live, they helped to people in Boryspil, Children's hospital in Kyiv, Chuguiv Central Hospital named after Kononenko, doctors of Chernihiv region with medication, Institute of Pediatrics and Gynecology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, where lots of new babies were safely born, helped Poltava city, Pokrovsk city at Doneck region, elder people in Kyiv, Brovary, Vyshnevo, Kyiv Military Hospital, Nemishaiv community in Kyiv region, Yagotyn city...

You can follow their activity on social media:

If you would prefer to donate directly, we are open to provide all the details needed.

Thank you for your help.

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