You helped "International charitable foundation for the future" to help and support kids

Updated: Apr 5

This organization is found in Kyiv by Sergiy Kukhtyn and it's main goal was always to help those kids in need to have a better and safer future.

Nowadays Charitable organization is helping and supporting evacuated kids from hot spots. There are many orphan children among them, many children who lost their parents during the war, people who managed to evacuate from occupied territories.

Now they are collecting money for the arrangement of specialized orphanages and sanatoriums for children evacuated from hot spots. Nevertheless there are many kids who have been evacuated to safer European cities, there are still many children remaining in Ukraine who need help. That is why they are rapidly completing the repair and installation of special facilities in safer places in Western Ukraine. Dozens of children with special needs have already been placed there and new young residents and professional staff are expected. These institutions are extremely lacking in the essentials of normal life: washing machines, cots, mattresses, tables to eat at, dishes, clothes and food. As well as building safe play zones for kids to run and play.

The center is keeping safe over 180 kids and people who were forced to fleet from war. They also constantly receive medical and psychological help.

You can follow their activity on social media:

If you would prefer to donate directly, please contact us for all the details necessary.

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