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Millions of  Ukrainians
Need Our Help 

Since February 2022, a war in Ukraine left millions struggling to survive. 

Our Mission 

Millions of people in Ukraine are facing an imminent humanitarian crisis and don’t have access to food, clean water, vital medications, hygiene.

Among these people there are moms with kids hiding in the bomb shelters, orphanages, elder people, disabled people,  those who don’t have chance to go and get vital supplies for their survival neither for their pets.

There are people who take initiative in many cities of Ukraine and voluntarily are helping to buy and deliver what is vital to those in need. They are receiving demands through social media and Telegram chats. Reliable volunteers have proven themselves with photo, video reports as well as receipts. They have already helped lots of people with many emergencies. 

We have created this nonprofit fundraising platform to collect financial aid to local volunteers and organizations in Ukraine who actively help people who suffered from war but are not receiving any support from well-known international funds. 


Everything you kindly donate is being transferred to reliable local volunteers and your donation is being used immediately to help those in need.

For full transparency of our activity you will  find all the reports about collected funds on our web site and how they have been used .

PLEASE NOTE:  As NPO we don't have the ability to provide tax receipts to donors for income tax purposes. We provide a receipt as a confirmation of your donation only. 

Thank you for your support

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